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Here is a collection of my these 9 special Pakistani snack recipes for you. Watch the video of your favourite recipes or follow the links to view the relevant recipe post for ingredients details and written instructions.

1. Chicken Shami Kabab

View the recipe.

2. Bakery Style Chicken Stuffed Bread

View the recipe.

3. Karachi’s Famous Bun Kabab

Bun Kabab is a popular street food in Karachi that you can easily find at the corner of city centres and streets. Tap to view this recipe.

4. Chicken Cheesy Peri Bites

Cheesy Peri Bites. View the recipe.

5. Chicken Pakora with Spicy Dip Sauce

Chicken Pakora with spicy dip sauce. View the recipe.

6. Crunchy Vegetable Cutlets

Crunchy Vegetable Cutlets. Tap to view the recipe.

7. Daal Kachori and Aloo ki Tarkari

Daal Kachori and Aloo ki Tarkari. Tap to view the recipe.

8. Lacha Aloo Pakora

Lacha Aloo Pakora. Tap to view the recipe.

9. Street Style Samosa and Chutney

Tap to view the recipe.

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