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Dear subscribers! Thanks for your support and prayers our YouTube channel has been restored and online again.

On May 26, 2022 we noticed some unusual activity as our channel started live streaming. When we tried to login to stop this unknown video streaming, we found out that our login credentials were stolen and we were not able to access our channel dashboard.

We reported the incident to the YouTube support and efforts wer made for speedy recovery. We started a new trend #recoveryesicancookchannel on twitter which was followed by our followers and fans.

After facing the downtime for 3 days, our channel was restored on May 29, 2022. We were able get all our recipes public again.

Any inconvenience caused to our valued subscribers during this period is regretted.


  • Qudsia says:

    I m also running a YouTube cooking channel although this is start of my journey but for my knowledge can you please explain how to report such activities to YouTube

    • YesIcanCook says:

      Hi Qudsia! It was indeed a painful experience for us. But, by the grace of Al-mighty Allah we were able to recover our channel. The process of recovery was a little bit painstaking as we didn’t expect this at all. But we acted timely and reported YouTube and after some verification our channel was restored.

      There are plenty of videos on the YouTube that will explain how to deal such situations and can help you secure your channel. Always use a strong password and other secured login methods.

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