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YesiCanCook has finally launched its official website for its subscribers. Now you can easily find your favorite recipes and their videos links to one of popular and emerging YouTube Channel. Thanks to your continued support YesIcanCook has now achieved yet an other milestone.

For those who are new, YesiCanCook is a favorite YouTube channel of food lovers around the world on the YouTube. With 367K subscribers on the YouTube and more than 361K followers on the facebook, YesIcanCook is spreading love and creating passion for cooking.

As eating is necessity but cooking is an art and like other arts, it can be learnt through practice and passion. You can easily find recipes on the internet but cooking is more fun and less trying when you follow your heart as some has rightly said that:

“Real cooking is more about following your heart than following recipes.

YesIcanCook is more than just a name of a cooking channel on YouTube. It is an inner feeling of an achievement. The phrase itself is promoting sense of self confidence and develops ‘can do it’ attitude towards cooking. On my official website recipes have been arranged in categories and menu so that you could easily navigate and find recipe of your choice.

Newly posted recipes can be seen by clicking on ‘WHATS NEW‘ menu link. Likewise, there are other menu items like ‘CHICKEN‘, ‘RICE‘, ‘FAST FOOD‘ and ‘SEA FOOD‘ which displays a list of related recipe.

This lovely trailer lets you explore the YesIcanCook YouTube Channel. Please visit and subscribe.


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