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By the grace of Allah the holy month of Ramazan has just arrived. Most probably the moon will be sighted in Saudi Arabia and many other countries. Let us pray that advent of Ramazan may bring countless blessings of Allah. May Allah help us get maxium out of it.

Traditionally, the advent of Ramazan is tied up with sighting of moon. Therefore, for some of you Ramazan may have already stated and for others it may start the next day. Yet many of us have already planned for Ramazan not in terms of Sehri of Iftar menus but for easy part gathering grocery and other consumable itmes.

But the hard part is deciding daily menu for Sehri or Iftar. There are so many options available and so many recipes in mind. It may be difficult to decide what to include in todays menu.

So, to help you decide here are some selected recipes to include in your first Iftar menu.

I have already published ingredients detail of some of recipe on my blog for you. You can search and bookmark them.

However, if you dont find written content of some recipes, skip the recipe for a while and come back to it next time it is published on my site.

If you like my recipes then please visit and subscribe my YouTube channel for daily recipes. Don’t forget to share this recipe.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions at the end of this post.

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