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Sindh ki Thadal

Thadal is popular cooling and energy drink in Sindh province of Pakistan. Traditionally thadal is made using wooden mortar and pestle. The process involves crushing and grinding almond, poppy seeds and other ingredients. r

Strawberry Ice-cream

The demand for ice-creams increases in manifolds during the summer. There are so many flavors to try. Strawberry flavor is made with fresh strawberry or strawberry flavoring.

Strawberry Ice-Cream Milkshake

Strawberry milkshakes are also cool and refreshing.  

Watermelon Drink

Watermelons are everywhere. You can turn them into refreshing drinks. Watch the video to find out how. 

Rich Mango Shake

Mango season is also on. Mango shakes made with fresh mangoes can leaves lasting effects. Mango shakes in summer are also highly demanded.

Milk Powder Rasmalai

Rasmalai is also one special dessert that you like to try this summer.. 

Rich Chocolate Shake

Beat the heat with this Rich Chocolate Shake. 

Vanilla Kulfa

Vanilla Kulfa is another great ice-cream flavor that is loved by all.. 

Aloo Bukharay aor Imli ka Sharbat

Aloo Bhukharay aor Imli ka sharbat can help you fight scorching heat of the summer.

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